Microsoft renamed D365 Marketing Module to Customer Insights - Journeys | Trending in Technology

Microsoft renamed its D365 Marketing module from Marketing to Customer Insights - Journeys. The name change has been applied since September 2023.

Microsoft is actively working on utilizing AI and natural language help. This enables business people to create customer journeys at different times, aiding in building relationships with customers from their initial interest, through making a sale, to obtaining support.

Previously, D365 had two types of marketing:

  1. Outbound Marketing

  2. Real-Time Marketing

Currently, Microsoft is placing more emphasis on Real-Time Marketing, which has greater capabilities to work in real-time scenarios.

What D365 Customer Insights - Journeys Offers:

  • Engage customers in real time
  • Win customers and earn loyalty faster
  • Personalize customer experiences with AI
  • Grow with a unified, adaptable platform

Due to the AI and other useful functionalities of Real-Time Marketing, Outbound Marketing is gradually becoming deprecated. Furthermore, if you opt for any D365 Customer Insights - Journeys environment, the Outbound Marketing option is not available out of the box. However, if your business requires those options, you still have the choice to opt for them.

Will Outbound Marketing be deprecated?

Microsoft has not officially announced a date, but it is evident that they are mostly focusing on D365 Real-Time Marketing due to generative AI and Copilot capabilities.